Looking back to 2013 - Svetlana posing in Red dress and Shiny pantyhose Falke Pure Shine 15… See her FULL SET in 12.9MP resolution here: 

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Maria posing in sand-color sheer pantyhose and pink dress.

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Victoria posing in shiny pantyhose in pro-kolgotki March 2014
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pro-kolgotki March 2014 issue

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molly rulestheroost

It does really correspond with my world and my passion - girl in pantyhose on a sunny roof - is my kind of emotionally best place to live.
If there would be a possibility to live on the roof filled with sunshine with girls in panthose - I’d drop everything and would stay there for life.
Here I did some girls on the roof -> Лиза и Оксана на крыше Radisson
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Lana posing in glossy pantyhose and slim Wolford Dress.
in pro-kolgotki February 2014 issue.
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Last half of year was occupied with hard work and study as I have progressed to the dissertation stage.
So, it wasn’t really enough time to dedicate to pro-kolgotki project.

However, the beauty of surrounding ladies has been repeatedly reminding me of the passion towards beauty, arts, style and their depiction.

Currently we’re doing out best to catch-up with both 2013 and 2014 issues:
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Changing girl in yellow #pantyhose and black panties.

Girl in pantyhose


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